Happy Drinking

A husband wakes up with a hangover....
He opens his eyes n sees aspirins and water.

He sits down & sees his clothes all clean & pressed....

He takes the aspirin & finds a note "honey, breakfast's on table, I left to buy groceries. Love you"

Totally shocked,
He goes to the kitchen 4 breakfast there he finds his son & asks him "What happened last nite?".

Son says "Well Dad u came home.  @ 3am, drunk & delirious, broke all d crockery, puked in the hall & made a total mess....

Confused he asks, "then y is everything in order?" 

Son says, "Oh! Mom dragged u 2 the room tried 2 take ur clothes off & you said

I cant ditch her......


Self induced hangover - 4000
broken Crockery - 10000
But saying the right thing when drunk........

Happy Drinking

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