A Sensible Joke

Outside an Electricity Office

One Banana vendor was selling Bananas.
Electricity officer: What's the price of Banana?

Vendor - Let me know where you will use it?

Manager -  What do you mean?

Vendor- If you are taking it to temple then it's  
                                                                     Rs 10 per kg.

To Orphanage 
                      Rs 15 per kg
For School children
                              Rs 20 per kg          
If you r taking home
                              Rs 25 per kg 

For Restaurant 
                      Rs 30 per kg.....

Electricity officer- How can this be? All bananas are same then why difference in price?

Vendor - This is my tariff plan. You people give electricity to home, shop, factory etc from the same pole.  But you charge different tariffs..
Electricity officer is still in Coma. 

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